dff solutions stands for more than 15 years of experience in mobile data recording. We develop intelligent, modular systems for businesses in trading, transport logistics and field service.
As the German market in food logistics, we work for the leading companies in this industry. Furthermore, we offer solutions for the transport of hazardous or delicate goods, such as medical products, field service linking and vehicle data logging.
Our modular software components enable a quick and easy start into mobile data recording. New requirements can also be added quickly and short dated to the existing systems.

Since April 2017 dff solutions is a member of the PDS Group. Concluding, that specialist for telematics and mobile data recording have joined their strengths. The group can now offer you a complete support chain from hardware, to infrastructure and to mobile systems. Concluding, that for every step qualified contact persons will be at hand and will support and advise you.





Chief executive Felix Dossmann phrases the company vision as follows: ‘Our solutions make processes reliable, faster and economical. We ease your work with tools you and your employees won’t want to miss out on.’
Dr. Ralf Itter, also chief executive, adds: ‘We achieve this vision by extensive consultation for our customers, comprehensive conceptions for the supply chain and a consequent focus on the end-user.’
To effectively match the needs of our customers with our projects we develop long-term, trusting relationships. We focus on transparency in all our processes, open communication and understandable structures.



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Communication is key to understanding our customers’ needs and conceptions. In meetings, our customers can introduce their company-internal processes and all associated business areas. We also talk directly to the employees to fully understand all processes. This may include repeatedly accompanying the daily work. This approach enables a better understanding of how business is handled and structured within the company and which processes should be included in the software.
This method enables an innovative, widespread and practical consultation. You will benefit from our outside perspective into your processes and we can include new and modern ideas into the innovative software.


Training your field workers is essential, in order to have a smooth implementation of mobile computing in your business. To conduct this step will bring a positive outcome to the software rollout process. Our competent team gives over 1,000 training events yearly. This includes a structured explanation of the new program, the possibility for your employees to ask questions and the option to leave feedback. The feedback will later be evaluated by our training team, to adjust to the needs and expectations of each customer.


We offer training for single people or groups. It is also possible to have the training team present in the warehouse to support your employees during their daily work.


Mobile computing projects generally run for several years, therefore we offer the following services:
o 1st Level Full Service Support
o 2nd Level IT and Specialised Support
o 3rd Level IT Support
o Technical Staging of Hardware (Installation, Firmware-Update etc.) o Specialised Staging (allocation of locations, employees, labelling, WIFI installation etc.)
o User behaviour analysis to detect problems for usage of hard- or software
o Around the clock system monitoring and support in order to identify possible problems early on


Field Service and Transport Logistics

At dff solutions we work with mobile computing in an industrial and economical context. We offer a fully structured program which includes all steps from loading, unloading and disposal of returned goods. 

It is also possible to integrate: 

o Cold chain monitoring

o Shipping space monitoring including RFID door monitoring 

o ECO-tracking 

o BackOffice functions 

o Transportation of hazardous or delicate goods

  • modular
  • intelligent
  • fast
  • safe
  • inexpensive

For further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


dff solutions and COS have joined forces for their new product ArriView PRO. ArriView PRO is an integrated complete solution for a mobile commission management. The solution supports and simplifies all tasks from tour planning to the analysis.

ArriView PRO is a very flexible application, which can be adjusted to individual needs. By request individual modules within the software can be switched on or off. The basic framework of the application is set up by the tour procedures (loading, unloading and disposal). ArriView PRO is soft- and hardware independent and can be used on handhelds, smartphones and tablets.

The application from dff solutions logically connects all processes relevant for logistic businesses. Furthermore, the interface is self-explaining and supports each user with their daily work. The user can also switch between languages, simplifying the application even further. COS completes the software with their transaction save replication procedure. With this procedure, no data can get lost, even when there is a hardware or network outage. All data can get transferred at a later date.

 ArriView PRO provides a flexible complete solution which can be used in all areas of work in transport logistics.

Numerous companies in transport logistics use external haulage contractors on a regular basis. When doing so, shipment tracking becomes almost impossible or a task requiring great diligence, as most external drivers can’t be given a company internal PDA or Handheld.

 For this scenario, we have developed the process integrated solution ArriView LIGHT. ArriView LIGHT is a platform-independent smartphone or tablet application. The application provides shipment tracking with little effort and little investment. ArriView LIGHT is a cloud-based solution. Therefore, the application is easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure. The user or driver simply has to download the application to their smartphone and they are ready to go. After the deliver is complete, all data is sent back to the employer and is available in the BackOffice or for download.

On a hectic day at a logistic warehouse, it can be helpful to have real time delivery route information on display ArriView TV gives a clear overview of all the data needed. The easily configurable layout allows one to decide which information should be on display and this can be adjusted at any point

This product requires one to have dff solutions BackOffice where all of the data is sent from. In order to send this data, a local network (WIFI or LAN) is needed. ArriView TV is ready to set up upon arrival. The box simply has to be connected via HDMI-cable to a display or TV. Switch on the TV and all information will be displayed straight away.

Uninterrupted cool chain tracking offers many advantages; it documents whether good are cooled correctly, when a lorries roller door is opened and the real time location of the items.

With ArriView 12830 it is possible it is possible to track cooled transports effortlessly with no false alarms. The integrated GSM- und GPS-module enables a continuous data and geolocation exchange. All data is graphically displayed in the BackOffice for each tour. All components needed for ArriView 12830 are easily built into the existing infrastructure. It is possible to use ArriView 12830 as a cloud solution. The hardware required is universally applicable: It can be built into any lorry type. Our hardware partner is responsible for the installation and the purchase of required SIM cards.

Colleagues or employees being away from their desk is a common occurrence in many organisations. This can be a problem when they are needed but can’t be found. ArriView FIND helps to resolve this problem with an easy and quick-realisable solution. There are no spacial restrictions, therefore it can be used in offices, warehouses and even in an open space.

For ArriView FIND you simply have to distribute Beacons in the area where you want to find all participants. Then all participants have to download the ArriView FIND application to their smartphone and carry it with them. The application then displays the whereabouts of everyone using the app meaning nobody will ever get lost again.

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